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About Train With Tone

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

My name is Tony Barnbrook , I am a retired competitive bodybuilder turned Level 2 and 3 personal trainer. I have spent the last 30 years on a wonderful journey of strength and fitness. I wish I could say that journey was easy and consistent but I have got in and out of shape more times than I can remember. I have realized that its not the starting of an exercise routine that is difficult but its the continuing of a "lifestyle" change that yields long term results.

 I have developed a mind set and training philosophy that is both sustainable and enjoyable, yes enjoyable." No pain no gain" can only last so long but we need to know how and when to back off if we want to stay healthy, strong and fit and keep getting better.  The gains that we make  will be lost when we burn out physically and mentally, Trust  me I've been there and  you will forget your gains  very quickly, others will forget them quicker.

I am now ready to share this training philosophy with you. As your coach you will get support and guidance and a real action plan to reach your unlimited potential. 

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