I'm looking for men aged 30 to 60 who lo

4 WEEK "KICKSTART" Challenge

Raise your hand if you started a new training program at the beginning of the year with the best intentions but have found your enthusiasm has dropped  and you’re starting to miss workouts and cheat your diet already.
It could be that your gym is shut due to Covid restrictions or that you just you are just finding it difficult to stay motivated. 
Don’t worry your not alone research has shown that the date that most people give up on their New Year Fitness resolutions on January 19th each year. I don’t want that to be you or any of my awesome followers.  
Some of you did not have a Plan B for  Gyms shutting while others have fallen victim to the following: 
Poor time management, Lack of motivation, not setting SMART goals and burnout from overtraining and over dieting too soon due to not having a structured program. These  are all reasons why we backslide especially when training alone.

That’s where I can help, I’ve devised a


to get you back on track before its too late. 

Its my mission to be a Mentor to men aged 30 to 60 for one month for them to get back on track and then take what they have learned into the rest of the year. 

Because I want to give you my best, I only have time to take on 5 people who want to build muscle and burn fat.  Together we will set a realistic goal and see you smash it in 4 weeks. 

I will set you a Bespoke training and nutrition program and provide ongoing support to keep you motivated, help you manage your time and come up with great exercise ideas, whether you train at home or are lucky enough to have access to a gym. 



I will charge a reasonable rate for an online trainer of my experience and qualification.

(£99  per month)

However, once I’ve covered my  cost I will pledge proceeds to PROSTATE CANCER UK who have given me support while the NHS have not always been able to due to the Pandemic.  I will publish the amount raised which is my goal when I post my testimonials of my 5 men and their transformation pics at the end of the challenge. 

So, come on click on the link  to fill in a short questionnaire to find out if we are the right match.