• Tony Barnbrook

Killer Leg Workout

People always ask me how I build such great quads.

When I tell them that are surprised by the amount of training I do for them in both volume and intensity. I use before a competition but be warned it is not for beginners nor the faint hearted.

My pre-contest leg workout

1. Leg Extensions – I always start with leg extensions. Not only does it warm the knees up for squatting but it also pre-exhausts the quad to make sure that the quadriceps doing the work when I squat and not the lower back. I do 30 reps ( yes you read that correct ) in a drop set 10 full range with the full stack drop 20% then 10 top half range then drop 20% then 10 bottom half range with my legs licking the pads with all their might. Just 1 set which is probably the most painful, masochistic a human can endure.

2. Squats – 4 sets of 20 reps 60kg / 100kg/140kg/180kg. always squat just below parallel. The crease of your hip needs to be lower than the top of your thigh.

3. Leg Press- 3 sets of 30 reps. Yes I like high reps for legs like you see in my picture.

4. Walking Lunges with a 20 kg kettle bell – 3 times up and down the gym

5. Sissy squats- Finish off with “sissy squats” called so cos they sort the men out from the sissies. Body weight only sets of as many as you can do SUPPERSETED WITH ……… star jumps until you cannot, literally cannot jump any more.

This workout should take a good hour for quads alone. I’d do hamstrings on another day with calves.

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