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Quality Sleep will Improve Your Fat Loss and Muscle Gains

Not to mention your health, mood and focus...

The issue of insomnia is becoming increasingly widespread across the world, with more and more individuals experiencing difficulty sleeping.

The insomnia pandemic is a growing matter of concern as it can have serious repercussions on physical and mental health, significantly impacting quality of life.

Studies have shown that those who are not getting enough sleep are more likely to feel overwhelmed & depressed. this can lead to further illnesses.

Stress, worries and other psychological factors often lead to difficulty sleeping, while our environment also have a serious impact on our rest Through bright lights & loud noises.

Additionally the increased use of technology has meant that screens are commonplace before bedtime, disrupting sleep patterns by emitting blue light and resulting in an overall decreased quality of rest.

When it comes to manage insomnia, making positive and healthy decisions will ultimately help you get your much-needed restful nights sleep.

Below are some habits I have tried which have improved my sleep:

Establish a pre-bed routine. Set time aside in the evening before bed to slowly transition into night mode & winding down activities so that the body and mind are well prepared for slumber.

This can include anything from stretching, warm showers, light reading or guided meditation & deep breathing exercises to ensure relaxation and disconnection from the day's events.

Turn off your electronics at least an hour before bed. Put your phone in another room. If you read before bed make sure it's a paper book.

Progressive muscle relaxation has been proved to help with insomnia. When you're in bed try this 10 step relaxation technique:

  1. Lay on your back and close your eyes.

  2. Take a deep breath & flex your ankles and calves.

  3. Exhale while relaxing your ankles and calves.

  4. Take another deep breath while flexing your thighs with locked out knees

  5. Exhale slowly while relaxing your thighs

  6. Take a deep breath while flexing your shoulders/torso with arms overhead

  7. Exhale slowly while relaxing your shoulders & dropping your arms to the sides

  8. Continue inhaling and exhaling slowly while observing your thoughts and heart rate

  9. If a thought comes to mind, just move it to one side without judgement

  10. Continue breathing slowing and moving thoughts to one side until you find yourself in a relaxed state

In just a few minutes you will start thinking in vivid imagery, a first sign of sleep approaching!

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