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The Hunger Game

Any coach can put you on a diet and tell you exactly what to eat.

I want to teach you HOW to eat and WHY you eat the way you do.

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Here's the simple experiment in 8 steps that I just posted on Instagram @muscledadmentor:

  1. Each time you think about eating, ask yourself, "Am I truly physically hungry?" Pause to ask yourself how this feels and make a note.

  2. Is your stomach growling? Are you irritable or lightheaded? If so, eat.

  3. Eat slowly and mindfully, chewing your food and putting your fork down between each mouthful. Minimise distractions such as phone or TV.

  4. Between each mouthful ask yourself 'am I still hungry?' while looking for hunger cues as before. When you're 80% full push your plate away.

  5. After eating you may have a craving to eat something sweet even if full. Wait at least 15 minutes.

  6. If you move on with your day, the craving should subside and in an hour you should feel physically satisfied with no desire to eat another meal.

  7. Two hours after finishing, you may start to feel a little hungry, like you could eat something, but the feeling isn't overwhelming.

  8. It's better to be busy and not around food or thinking about food at this stage. However, if you are still feeling hunger, return to step 1.

The real transformation of my program is not from fat to fit but from a person who lives to eat to a person who eats to live.

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