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When’s The Best Time To Train?

Pssst, listen,

Are you looking for the best time of day to get your fitness routine underway?

Well, recent research suggests that biologically, the best time to train is around the late afternoon.

Here's why: During this period, our bodies naturally experience a surge in energy levels and alertness - thanks to a specific phase of our day-night cycle.

This makes it easier to stay focused during workouts and gives us an extra boost of motivation too!

If you're an early bird who prefers exercising in the morning though, don't worry!

Morning workouts can be a great way to give yourself a kickstart and snowball that energy into a full-on productive day!

Here are a few tips for optimizing your workout schedule:

1. Listen to your body - If you find yourself feeling super energized after lunch or if mornings make you feel sluggish, adjust your workouts accordingly.

2. Allow flexibility - Try not to get stuck on a rigid schedule - experiment with different times of day and figure out what works best for you!

3. Prioritize recovery - Give yourself enough rest both before and after exercise - try scheduling at least one full rest day per week or whenever needed.

4. Have fun with it - Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the process - if you aren’t having fun while working out, then it's not worth doing!

Don't let biology stand in the way of achieving your goals - experiment with different times of day and find what best suits your lifestyle!

Wishing you all the best on your health journey!

P.S.: If you're on the look for more interesting information about training, recovery, and nutrition, look no further than my blog.

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