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I help I help the modern man build muscle, lose fat and develop a winner's  mindset. In times of social media overload it's no surprise guys come to me confused about which method to follow. As a coach I can pass on  encouragement, wisdom and understanding that only comes with age and experience in the Fitness Industry.


Here's just a few testimonials from some of my clients 

“I joined Train with Tone for 6 weeks with the purpose of weight loss.  I have arthritis in my joints as well as one prosthetic knee so my range of exercises are limited.  Tony gave me a program of exercise suited to my limitations which I found very challenging.  I improved significantly over the 6 weeks and doubled my bench press load from 40kg to 80kg during the period.  I was able to increase the weight on every exercise I was given.  The dietary advice was helpful and allowed me to maintain some consistency in my approach.  Tony was very responsive to questions and used video to rectify some of my technique failings.  During the last 6 weeks with Tony I have strengthened up significantly and as to the original goal, I have lost 33 pounds in weight.  Thank you for your help and support Tony”.”

Brian West - UK


“training so far going great. Methods thus far came at right time.  Body is responding well. Friends are noticing the results. Came to the right place to you. Like that you are keeping me true to the exercises. For best results and to not hurt myself. The app is great. And using what's app and Instagram and video all great. As well as diet” .

Brian Ferrero - USA


“I have never felt so embraced in the world of strength and fitness as the time spent under Tony’s expertise. His knowledge and warmth of character made accessing top class tuition an absolute joy and made for a thrilling journey. Navigating through a self inflicted injury during the course allowed Tony to really shine as a caring coach. I’m over excited at putting all I learnt into practise. I cannot recommend investing in Tony’s broad knowledge of training enough, I feel very fortunate to get so close.”

John Cormican - UK


Best Coach ever ….I wonder if I has all these results online, imagine face to face”

 Andre Alves -  Brazil

"Tony is a great coach, very patient and very articulate with his words and very passionate about what he does". 

Jermaine Mcfarlane – Men’s Classic Physique competitor UK

Young adult fit muscular bodybuilder eat
A Brief History of Personal Training 

I Personal Training is something that has evolved over the last 30 years since I started training in the 80's. Back then, large, chain commercial gyms were somewhat of a rarity and most of us lifted weights in traditional barbell clubs or worn down, backstreet gyms. If we wanted advice and help with our training we would go to the "old guy who used to compete" and we would buy him a protein drink after training to say Thank you.  We were more self-reliant and really learned the craft of pumping iron. The "old guy" was always there when you needed him but our own progress was our responsibility.

Then came the birth of the commercial Gym in the 90's and every one either had a personal trainer or was a personal trainer. A typical session would cost up to £50 per hour, but finding the right trainer would be hit and miss and often you would have just a choice of a 6 or 7 young inexperienced PTs  that worked from the commercial gym where you were a member. Some were good, others not so much but at least you had someone count your reps for you and put your weights away. 

Then around the 2020 during a Global Pandemic, gyms were forced to close and people started training at home.  They looked to Social Media for their ideas and motivation but with so many Fit-Pros and Fitness Models offering so many Fad Programs and Diets people became confused as to who to listen to. Then when the gyms opened back up people were unsure whether they should even listen to their Personal Trainer never mind paying him £50 an hour when they got on fine at home without him. However they still needed a good program and someone to go to for advice and encouragement when things got tricky. 

My advice is to go back to listening to that "old guy at the gym who used to compete" he knows his stuff and had the life experience to help you face any obstacle as he's faced them all. 

Well how we have come a full circle as I am now that guy. Only you don't have to go looking for that back street gym to find me 

as  I've moved with the times and am now helping people all over the World online and all it will cost you is the price of a daily protein shake.  How we have come a full circle.

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30 years Experience

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One to One Personal Training in London

£60 per hour of £500 for a Block of 10 

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