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Meet Tony

Tony Barnbrook

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

🥇1993 Nabba Mr. Wales novice 1st place
🥇1993 Nabba Mr. Britain novice championships 1st place medium height winner 
🥇1993 WPF Mr. Wales light- heavyweight 1st place winner 
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿1993 Mr.Universe Team Wales contender
🥇1995 NABBA Mr.Wales medium height 1st place Winner 
🥇1996 WFBB MR. Wales Overall and Pro/Am 💴 Winner 
🇬🇧1996 EFBB BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP  4th place cup 
🥇2015 Saxon Classic Medium height winner and Pro/Am 3rd place  💵 prize
🥇2015 IBFA South Coast class winner  
🥈2015 “WABBA Hercules”  Olympia Masters 2nd place 
💪2017 PCA  BodyPower European Championships Masters 4th place 
🥇2017 UKBFF SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND Masters 1st place winner 
🇬🇧2017 UKBFF BRITISH masters  4th place

2023 NPC European Masters 4th place 

My Vision

To provide a first class training and coaching service which will really help you change your life ,for the better, long term through tried and tested and applied exercise science.

Beyond the science, my service will offer motivation, support and guidance in the mental and emotional aspect of exercise which I believe can only be attained from a mature wisdom which is a product of many years in the fitness industry.

My Mission

As you coach and a trainer it is my mission to 


• To make the you  feel supported and welcome.

• To engage you in active, healthy living.

• To offer relevant advice, information and support, on correct exercise technique, nutrition and mindfulness.

• To help and support you  in any changes you wish to make to their activity levels and lifestyle.

• To promote exercise adherence.

• To provide the best possible customer experience – to meet your needs and expectations.

• To gain your trust and make them feel valued.

• To establish and maintain appropriate, professional working boundaries.

• To clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations while challenging your limiting beliefs and holding you accountable to me as your coach.  

• To uphold the reputation of "Train with Tone" as an excellent service provider.

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