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The Flat Barbell Bench Press Technique

Start with your head over the end of the bench.

  • Bring your feet up towards your body in order for you to press the balls of your feet into the ground. Now get your grip, just outside shoulder width.

  • Slide down into the bench so your eyes are just behind the bar, maintaining your foot position.

  • Lightly apply a downward force on your heels whilst sliding down into position.

This will naturally cause an extension of the hip which will cause the anterior rotation of the pelvic which will cause an extension of the thoracic spine - thus naturally retracting and depressing the scapular to create the perfect arch and just enough external rotation of the humerus (also known as the upper arm bone) for that tucked elbow position.

In other words this chain of positioning which begins at the feet activates the safest and most efficient arch for benching.

I learnt this method from Strength System level 1 & 2 Certificate

My Protein Pancakes

Tony shows you how to make protein pancakes and

how to use them effectively to lose fat and help gain muscle.

You can add your own toppings and use the protein pancakes as breakfast, or as a snack, or even as a dessert. Watch this video to find out the easy recipe and understand the benefits of protein pancakes. 80g of oats, 6 egg whites , maybe 1 yolk , a teaspoon of coconut oil, chop some fruit over the top.

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